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My Mental Health and Lithium.

Monday, March 12th, 2007

Whether your an occasional lurker of the EVlist archives or a frequent visitor of the Green Car Congress, you find out pretty quickly about the latest (public) movements in battery technology.

Without any doubt, lithium technology is forging ahead, things are moving really fast. Early last year A123 Systems signed a deal with the large battery manufacturing company China Bak Battery to make lithium battery packs primarily for DeWalt (Black and Decker) power tools. These Nano-Phophate Li-ion batteries have some very promising spec’s (mainly the number of recharge cycles) AND they’re cheaper to make AND mass production is making them even cheaper.
DeWalt 36V Li-on Battery Pack
Then a few weeks ago there was a discussion over at GCC on the economics of these batteries and how they’re not far off a tipping point of affordability. Believe it or not the proposition was put that if a new 36V DeWalt battery pack reached the price of $40 on eBay then lithium would be unstoppable and could compete with fossil fuels as an economic energy storage medium! So what’s the current eBay price? Only about $130. I don’t know about you but I find this very exciting…